You saw it, you caught it!

We all have in our memory a photo, a piece of art or a movie scene that has been recorded in our mind for a long time. We can’t forget that image. It takes just a small stimulus and…there we go! Our memory immediately brings to us the picture that was seen 10, 20 even 30 years ago. In fact, almost everything we see is retained by our memory compared to what we hear, of which we remember little.


Jesus used the teaching method of visualization when he talked in parables. One such example found in Matthew 7:24-28 is the basis for  Building Up. In this passage Jesus uses the picture of  constructing a house to illustrate the lives of two people: a wise one and a foolish one.
Building Up also talks about building a house. This curriculum is all about the process of edifying lives. Here, the parts of the house – foundation, floor, walls, roof and chimney – are represented and have a distinct meaning. Each of these parts is represented by pictures, key ideas and biblical concepts.
In summary, Building Up is a discipleship curriculum that puts together the power of visual memory and the practical application of relevant biblical concepts. The final goal is to build lives, which will make the difference in the world and bring glory to God.
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What  makes

Building Up special?

The curriculum is designed to be taught in a relaxed environment, allowing the student to experience fun, interaction and fellowship as he learns
The whole teaching process is based on a visual method, enabling the student ease of understanding and recalling biblical concepts (including the complex ones)
The program is sequential (starting with the foundation, building to the chimney) allowing the student a sense of progress and fulfillment
Practical activities, games and follow-up between sessions bring the concepts from head knowledge to daily  application
Subjects not usually taught in discipleship classes like health, emotions and finances are included